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2017-2018 Season

Results for the 2017-2018 season will appear on this page.

Age Group Foil - 05/11/2017

The Age Group Foil competitions for U16 boys, U16 girls, and U18 boys were combined at the poule stage and separated into different age groups and genders for DEs and final results listing. Competitions for U12 boys' foil, U12 girls' foil, U14 boys' foil and U14 girls' foil were run as independent competitions from start to finish. There was no competition for U18 girls foil this season.

U12 Girls' Foil

U14 Girls' Foil

U12 Boys' Foil

U14 Boys' Foil

U18 and U16 mixed poule results
U16 Boys' Foil
U16 Girls' Foil
U18 Boys' Foil

Senior Foil - 26/11/2017

The Men's Foil and Women's Foil individual competitions were each run with one round of poules followed by DE.
Senior Men's Foil
Senior Women's Foil

Senior Team Foil - 26/11/2017

The Senior Team Foil competition was run as a DE for mixed gender teams using 45 hit relay matches.
Senior Team Foil results