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Hampshire Fencing Union is he official body representing clubs and fencers in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight. This website is your first port of call for all things fencing in the county.


We run a variety of competitions to cater to all fencers, whatever their age, whatever weapon they fence. We also keep a record of the results of past competitions for your reference.


Trying to find a fencing club local to you? We can help! We keep the most up to date information on all the fencing clubs in the county to make it easy for you to choose the right one.

Notice of Annual General Meeting 2018


The Annual General Meeting of Hampshire Fencing Union will take place on

Sunday 3rd June 2018.

(The meeting will take place alongside the Senior Epee (Individual and Team) and U14 Team Foil competitions. There will be a break in the competitions to allow for the meeting.)

Venue:   Winchester College PE Centre, Kingsgate Road, Winchester

Time:   1:00pm

All Hampshire fencers are encouraged to attend.

Note: in order to vote at the meeting, an attendee must: be a member of British Fencing; be resident in the county and/or be a member of a registered Hampshire club; be aged 18 or over on the day of the meeting.


Click here to read the agenda for the meeting (last update April 2018).

Other proposals to be tabled at the AGM should be submitted to the Secretary 10 days before the AGM (by 24th May 2018).

Apologies for absence may be forwarded via any Committee Member.


The following positions are up for election at this meeting: Secretary; Ordinary Committee Members.

The following positions are NOT up for election at this time: Chair (2020); Treasurer (2019).

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